App Idol: Reloaded

For Patternites, I was the game designer and team manager of 3 Programmers, 1 Lead Artist and an Assistant Artist. Together we won 1st place on the game portion of App Idol: Reloaded, a mobile app development competition created and sponsored by Microsoft of Puerto Rico.
The competition was 3 months and it included two main rounds or milestones where every team had the chance to showcase their games to the judges and receive feedback from the general public. 

Round 1: Gaming Xplosion Fest 5 

As a first project milestone, Patternites was part of the GFX 5, the biggest gaming convention in the caribbean. With my team I got to showcase our demo and receive a lot of helpful feedback from the public.

The people's reaction to our new space explorer was very positive. It was a great experience interacting, sharing our ideas and even having a bit of fun along the way.

Round 2: The Microsoft Store

We took the feedback gained from the GXF5, modified our game and re-playtested it on the 2nd and final presentation round of the competition at the Microsoft Store where we were declared the winners of App Idol: Reloaded.



Feel free to contact me with any questions using this form. Feedback on this site or on any of the projects is more than welcome.

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