Contributions to the project:
  • Built the Lua scripting to run gameplay code and configuration scripts
  • Lua files communicated with the custom C++ engine
  • Based custom scripting environment on Unity's scripting as inspiration
  • Wrote basic ground and flying enemy AI for fun gameplay
  • 1st game cutscene post-processing effect to improve visual quality
Programming languages: C++, LUA, GLSL
API(s) used: OpenGL, LuaBridge
Fast paced, exploration FPS
Contributions to the project:
  • Implemented fast CPU particles for better visual effects. Each emitter is rendered in a single draw call.
  • Coded a prototype dynamic texture component  to simulate paint splatters.
  • Assisted Lead Graphics programmer with system architecture and Engine TCRs.
  • Scripted 1st draft of menus and HUD with HTML5 and Javascript.
Programming languages: C++, HLSL, HTML & JS
Graphics API: DirectX 11
Click here to download the game installer.
Fast paced 2D platformer / runner.
Contributions to the project:
  • Producer, project management.
  • 2D rendering system.
  • Debug draw system to show wireframe of 2D quads and  physics colliders.
  • Memory manager for faster load times.
  • Particle emitter editor for artists and designers.
Programming languages: C++, HLSL
Graphics API: DirectX 9
Editor API: Ant Tweak Bar
Click here to download the game installer.
Click here to download the particle editor project.
*Preview of the particle editor.
*Preview of debug-draw mode.